Privacy Policy

The privacy policy hereby states the procedures by which the Social Follower Likes would protect, disclose, use and maintain the information collected from the users. The privacy of the users concerning the requirements and obligations of the website would be highlighted. The privacy policy is applicable only to the official website with the services and products given by the https://

The Personal Data Collection:

We might ask personal details when a user is visiting our site for the first time. Users are at times needed to fill up a form virtually to provide some personal information about them in connection with some other services or activities offered in our website. Users might require providing information concerning their YouTube channel link and username. Users can visit our site whenever they wish to as they have full control over it.

The Sharing and Use of Personal Information:

We are the original owners of any information gathered on the site. We would only access the information that you have shared with us deliberately. We will never sell or share any such information. The information will only be used to reply to queries. You have full control over the information you want to share with us. There are no compulsions in there. We will never share your information with any third party. We would update you any offers, services or products that are new via mail unless you stop that facility.

Random Information:

You may give some random data to us using telephonic feedback, letters and emails. These information’s are used for the future betterment of the services provided by us.


We only disclose marketing data to those who have signed up for the mailing list. We do not share your personal information to any marketing or advertising agency.

Protections and Precautions:

We care about your privacy and so we take extra protection policies to keep your information secret with us. We implement proper processing, storage and data collection with absolute secrecy and safety. We stop all kinds of unauthorized access that can harm your personal information in any way possible. All the confidential data exchanges are done over a secured communication channel that is protected and encrypted with digital signatures. Only our employees who need you personal data to perform any specific work would access your private information.

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